Powder lime Powder lime Limestone powder or Lime powder, also known as quicklime, Calcined lime, is a white material used a lot in industries today. BVo Dolomite Quantity: 0 Cái

Powder lime

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Limestone powder or Lime powder, also known as quicklime, Calcined lime, is a white material used a lot in industries today.
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Powder white limestone ultrafine are companies CCA imported and distributed directly from the quarry white limestone in the province of Ha Nam and Nghe An, with the best quality, the highest purity, line technology modern manufacturing, advanced always gives customers the best products.

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Chemical properties of limestone powder:

Limestone powder or calcium carbonate (CaCO3) stone powder has the same characteristic properties of carbonates.
Reacts with strong acids, releasing carbon dioxide:
CaCO3 + 2HCl → CaCl2 + CO2↑ + H2O
When heated, carbon dioxide is released (above 825 °C in the case of CaCO3), to form calcium oxide, commonly known as quicklime:
CaCO3 → CaO + CO2↑

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Application of Lime Powder:

Plastic and rubber industry + Limestone powder is widely used in hard plastics and is most widely used in the production of plastic pipes and ceiling panels. Using calcium carbonate products increases product durability and dispersion in plastic chemicals better gloss achieve optimal products, improve production processes.

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Agriculture industry:
+ CaCO3 is considered as an additive for the production of animal feed products for livestock. Besides, calcium carbonate is also an essential source of nutrients for egg formation and bone development in poultry.
+ CaCO3 is used as a fertilizer to help plants grow, stabilize soil pH, and provide nutrients for plants.

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In addition, Lime powder is also widely used in the construction industry as mortars to seal walls, fill cracks, increase bonding and adhesion.
CaO live limestone powder, when reacting with silicate salts, will remove impurities in the form of slag, supporting the production of glass and metals and alloys such as steel, magnesium, aluminum and some other non-ferrous metals. .
Waste treatment industry, Ceramic manufacturing industry..

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The outstanding point when buying Limestone Powder at CCA company is:

Quality live limestone powder, ensuring technical standards and having good physical stability
Safe for the health of filler handlers and non-toxic to the environment.
Save material cost, reduce testing time, less waste and save manpower.
Convenient to use, fineness and high activity, suitable for all mixing ratios for high production capacity.
Competitive price, quality service.

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Company CCA is proud to be one of the companies supplying and distributing products of white lime powder, Dolomite stone, granular Dolomite, limestone powder, Fly ash, gypsum slag professional and caohighest quality in the South. Our company is committed to: deliver goods to the foot of the project, or to your warehouse, when the customer checks and receives the goods in full: quantity, specification, type, we will collect money. Commit 100% products in accordance with quality standards, complete documents.

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